What drink during and after the sport when you want to lose weight?

You know, it is essential to play sports if you want to lose weight. These physical activities must always be accompanied by good hydration to compensate for water losses. But beware, not all drinks are suitable for athletes. Discover the options to privilege.

What to drink before an effort and during the sport

An isotonic drink is recommended as it contains carbohydrates and mineral salts . These are essential components to avoid fatigue strokes. A mineral water to which a little baking soda is added is also effective . You can also turn to an energy drink to optimize your performance. Be careful with the composition because not all products are rich in nutrients.

The ideal is to prepare a homemade vitamin drink . You are sure to hydrate yourself healthily, without unnecessary additions of chemical ingredients and without excess of sugars.

Prepare a bottle of mineral or filtered water and add a lemon honey mixture to delicately perfume. In addition, they are foods known for their detox effect and burn fat. If you are one of the athletes who exercise in the morning on an empty stomach , your drink should be highly nutritious. Prepare a vitamin-rich infusion of rooibos and peach or a smoothie made of banana, berries and milk. Drink 250 ml of the preparation a few minutes to 1 hour before exercise. During the sport, take small sips every 10 to 15 minutes.

Drinks for recovery after exercise

A milky drink, just after the sport, helps fight muscle aches and muscle fatigue. Homemade fruit juices are also preferred . The juice of grapes, mango, watermelon or citrus is excellent. What you need is an antioxidant drink to help the body eliminate the waste produced by the effort.

The athlete’s drink is ideally protein-free, with no added sugar and no gaseous. We prefer a cold organic drink (neither hot nor ice) to promote the draining action without creating heat shock. It is obviously necessary that this hydration is accompanied by an adapted diet because a good nutrition is the key of the loss of weight.

Understand the importance of hydration

Sport causes perspiration and if you do not drink properly, you risk dehydration. In addition, the effort causes an increase in body temperature. The water will therefore play a role of “cooler”.

It is advisable to hydrate during and after the physical activity but also before an effort. This helps you avoid cramps while promoting optimal caloric expenditure. In other words, hydration is excellent for the health and for the line when one plays sports.

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