entry car.


Cars are very comfortable, especially if you are a little older, which is known as a “high entrance”. As the body is slightly larger, the seats are a bit stronger, which makes getting in and out is much easier.


Use of weapons.

If you like the use of weapons, it is very personal. For longer trips, the armrests can prevent fatigue in the shoulders and arms. If you have special wishes or conditions, you can contact many providers to arm yourself according to your wishes.


The position of the seat.

Seats or maladaptation of the seat often seem to be the cause of back pain.



Sit up straight, with your pelvis as far as possible against the ramp.

The seat should be positioned so far that you can easily reach the pedals with your feet.

Hold the handlebar with your arms slightly bent and your hands in the “Ten for two” position Low shoulders and relaxed hands.The car steering wheel should be positioned so that you can read all the instruments on the dashboard without moving your hands.

A headrest is at the correct height when the upper part of the baby carrier is at the same height as the top of your head. The maximum distance between the headrest and the headrest must not exceed 5 cm.

The car 💺

A good car seat shouldn’t b very hard or very soft because if the seat is too short, the thighs will not be supported. If the seat is too long, the blood vessels of the knee can be compressed. When changing and driving, the rear part should not detach from the backrest. If this is the case, you can solve the problem with a cushion (inflatable). A pillow called lordosis can also be a solution. This provides immense support for the back.


Exercises for the street.

It is never good to stay in one position for long. Therefore, it is advisable to stop frequently, especially on longer trips. Use the interval to relax and move. Also adjust the seat: slightly more straight or rear only.

How can you make a good trip.                

Turn small circles with your hips.Wait and try to touch your feet with your hands.

For the neck: turn your head slowly to the left and to the right several times and move your head back and forth.

Wrap your shoulders and turn them over.

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