The 8 most frequently asked questions about freezing

Can frozen meat that has been frozen and used for a dish be frozen again? And if so, how long?

“Yes, you can if the meat was thawed properly, ie a day before in the refrigerator, or small pieces in a microwave oven, and the dish was again properly refrigerated and frozen It is possible to freeze the meat again. Meat

Quality: The various stages usually make it drier and you can store it for another three months at -18 degrees. “

If you remove the tomato extract from the freezer and turn it into tomato soup, can you freeze it again?
“Yes, you can, if you cool the soup well, you can keep it for another three months.”

When I prepare a meal, I refill it in the basement and then in the freezer. Is this a good method?

“The wine cellar is possible, but not too long.We recommend to cool the food in half an hour and then put in the refrigerator or freezer.In any case, not more than two hours outside the refrigerator or the general freezer, also for the basement. ”

Are bacteria not destroyed by freezing?

“No, bacteria are not eliminated by freezing, they do not grow, but when the temperature warms up again, bacteria grow again and enough heating is the best way to kill them.”

At what temperature should I put my freezer?

“Make sure the temperature in your freezer is below or below -18 ° C. Bacteria can not grow.”

If a product expires on the expiration date, can it still be frozen?

“They can always freeze most of the products, thaw them if necessary, and then consume them in 24 hours.”

How often should you clean your freezer?

“Defrost your freezer every three months.”

How long can you keep something in the freezer?

“When the temperature in the freezer continues to be low, bacteria can not grow, but the quality of the products can deteriorate slightly. You can freeze without loss of quality, most products for about three months.” “A product, you know exactly how long something is.”

Some products can not be stored in the freezer for three months. These are the exceptions:

Bread and cake with whipped cream: 1 month.

Raw meat of 1 piece: 9 months.

Legumes and shelled berries: 1 year.

Skinny fish (cod, plaice, tuna): 6 months

Margarine and butter: 1-2 months (halmarin not freeze)

If it is a packaged and frozen product, you can keep the expiration date and the instructions for thawing and processing in the package.

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