Lose weight with the skipping rope, for men too!

Although it is often seen as a women’s activity, or even a “girl’s” activity, skipping rope can also be beneficial for men wanting to get rid of their extra pounds.

Well practiced, it allows to work the whole body and lose weight effectively . But for that, it is important to choose the right exercises. We give you the details here.

The skipping rope: an excellent burner of calories

You may not know it, but skipping rope is one of the best physical activities to lose weight. Indeed, Keto Buzz an hour of moderate practice of skipping rope can burn on average 715 kcal for an individual of 80 kilos.

It’s about twice as much as a jogging session . In intensive practice, the caloric expenditure can exceed 950 kcal for a person of the same weight.

The exercises to do

To lose weight by skipping rope , you can follow a small program consisting of 15-minute sessions to be performed 3 times a week including 4 main types of exercises:

– No relaxation: If you are a beginner, this is the best way to get on your feet. It is a question here of making a first jump of the rope with a rebound on the left foot followed by a jump with rebound on the right foot.- The full Twister: It is a question here of making jumps of rope with feet joints by alternately rotating your pelvis to the right then to the left, without the rest of your body moving. The reception must be done on tiptoe, with a slight flexion of the knees.- The step of the race: Here, you must mount the knee of each of your legs to the waist at the time of each jump. You can adjust the pace of jumps to your stamina.- The jogging step: In this exercise, you must be able to tap the heel or toe of the leg in front of you by alternately placing the tip of one foot behind the heel of the other. This creates a kind of scissors.

How much practice time does it take for each exercise? Alternate sequences of 30 seconds of hopping and 30 seconds of recovery.

Effects on the whole body

A regular practice of the skipping rope not only allows you to lose weight quickly, but also to work effectively several muscles of the body. It is for this reason that it is adopted by sports practitioners in weight categories such as judo or boxing.

It allows them to lose fat and quickly find their competition category while gaining muscle. Concretely, it allows to refine thighs and buttocks without stiffening them. It also works the muscles of the legs, calves, arms and abs. It is therefore the ideal exercise to eliminate cellulite and have a firmer silhouette.

As you can see, skipping rope is  not an exercise only for women. It can also help men lose weight . Keto Buzz REVIEWS For more efficiency schedule your sessions in the morning, fasting before or after a few minutes of running to force the body to draw on its reserves.

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