Exercises to lose weight calves

You can not get into the latest pair of fashionable boots that you eye in the window? Do not panic ! There are several ways to refine your calves quickly .

However, do not hope to make them perfect in just one week , it will require determination and rigor.

3 exercises to refine his legs
Stretch the calf to refine it
To slim down your legs and refine them, no secret, you have to stretch the muscles. The stretch will make slimquick keto the twins smaller and longer.

Standing facing a wall and resting with your hands on it, take off the heels of the floor and stay a little on tiptoe. Repeat the exercise without putting the heels back on the ground. Realize this in 4 sets of 8 movements.

Plantar flexions
The plantar flexions will refine your calf by lengthening the muscles without making them gain volume.

Stand up, take off the heels and stay on tiptoe for two seconds before resting your heels. Perform this movement in 4 sets of 10 movements.

Up and down stairs will strengthen the upper part of your calf and help you have firm and curved muscles.

Go up and down with a vigorous march twelve times in succession, alternating with each climb a foot. Repeat this exercise in 5 sets of 12 moves.

Activities to focus on and avoid to lose calves
The best activities
We prefer water sports such as swimming, water aerobics, aquabike or aqua stretching. Why ? Because the repeated rubbing of the water against the skin will help to shave the legs and fight against cellulite .

You can also practice walking and jogging at moderate intensity. Head to low-impact sports such as pilates , yoga or the elliptical trainer.

Sports to avoid
We avoid impact sports like tennis, basketball , karate, football or gymnastics. The muscular development of the calf is fast. Skipping rope , HIIT workouts and step are also avoided .

Reasons to have big calves
Composed of three muscles, the calf is constituted among other twins. They are the ones who cause an unsightly volume. What are the reasons to see his calf too big?

Obviously, overweight and obesity. The fat tends to settle on these muscles. Water retention can also be incriminated and therefore the blood circulation bad . The causes: sitting too long, too salty food or heat.

Finally, some sports said to impact are responsible for the swelling of the calf such as tennis, combat sports or sprinting. Venous insufficiency can also amplify the volume of the leg.

Thanks to some new sports habits, this pair of boots will soon be yours.

Refine your legs with a few slimquick keto simple movements that are easy to do everyday. And do not hesitate to do more physical activity if you also want to lose thighs and belly .

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