entry car.


Cars are very comfortable, especially if you are a little older, which is known as a “high entrance”. As the body is slightly larger, the seats are a bit stronger, which makes getting in and out is much easier.


Use of weapons.

If you like the use of weapons, it is very personal. For longer trips, the armrests can prevent fatigue in the shoulders and arms. If you have special wishes or conditions, you can contact many providers to arm yourself according to your wishes.


The position of the seat.

Seats or maladaptation of the seat often seem to be the cause of back pain.



Sit up straight, with your pelvis as far as possible against the ramp.

The seat should be positioned so far that you can easily reach the pedals with your feet.

Hold the handlebar with your arms slightly bent and your hands in the “Ten for two” position Low shoulders and relaxed hands.The car steering wheel should be positioned so that you can read all the instruments on the dashboard without moving your hands.

A headrest is at the correct height when the upper part of the baby carrier is at the same height as the top of your head. The maximum distance between the headrest and the headrest must not exceed 5 cm.

The car 💺

A good car seat shouldn’t b very hard or very soft because if the seat is too short, the thighs will not be supported. If the seat is too long, the blood vessels of the knee can be compressed. When changing and driving, the rear part should not detach from the backrest. If this is the case, you can solve the problem with a cushion (inflatable). A pillow called lordosis can also be a solution. This provides immense support for the back.


Exercises for the street.

It is never good to stay in one position for long. Therefore, it is advisable to stop frequently, especially on longer trips. Use the interval to relax and move. Also adjust the seat: slightly more straight or rear only.

How can you make a good trip.                

Turn small circles with your hips.Wait and try to touch your feet with your hands.

For the neck: turn your head slowly to the left and to the right several times and move your head back and forth.

Wrap your shoulders and turn them over.

The 8 most frequently asked questions about freezing

Can frozen meat that has been frozen and used for a dish be frozen again? And if so, how long?

“Yes, you can if the meat was thawed properly, ie a day before in the refrigerator, or small pieces in a microwave oven, and the dish was again properly refrigerated and frozen It is possible to freeze the meat again. Meat

Quality: The various stages usually make it drier and you can store it for another three months at -18 degrees. “

If you remove the tomato extract from the freezer and turn it into tomato soup, can you freeze it again?
“Yes, you can, if you cool the soup well, you can keep it for another three months.”

When I prepare a meal, I refill it in the basement and then in the freezer. Is this a good method?

“The wine cellar is possible, but not too long.We recommend to cool the food in half an hour and then put in the refrigerator or freezer.In any case, not more than two hours outside the refrigerator or the general freezer, also for the basement. ”

Are bacteria not destroyed by freezing?

“No, bacteria are not eliminated by freezing, they do not grow, but when the temperature warms up again, bacteria grow again and enough heating is the best way to kill them.”

At what temperature should I put my freezer?

“Make sure the temperature in your freezer is below or below -18 ° C. Bacteria can not grow.”

If a product expires on the expiration date, can it still be frozen?

“They can always freeze most of the products, thaw them if necessary, and then consume them in 24 hours.”

How often should you clean your freezer?

“Defrost your freezer every three months.”

How long can you keep something in the freezer?

“When the temperature in the freezer continues to be low, bacteria can not grow, but the quality of the products can deteriorate slightly. You can freeze without loss of quality, most products for about three months.” “A product, you know exactly how long something is.”

Some products can not be stored in the freezer for three months. These are the exceptions:

Bread and cake with whipped cream: 1 month.

Raw meat of 1 piece: 9 months.

Legumes and shelled berries: 1 year.

Skinny fish (cod, plaice, tuna): 6 months

Margarine and butter: 1-2 months (halmarin not freeze)

If it is a packaged and frozen product, you can keep the expiration date and the instructions for thawing and processing in the package.

Lose weight with the skipping rope, for men too!

Although it is often seen as a women’s activity, or even a “girl’s” activity, skipping rope can also be beneficial for men wanting to get rid of their extra pounds.

Well practiced, it allows to work the whole body and lose weight effectively . But for that, it is important to choose the right exercises. We give you the details here.

The skipping rope: an excellent burner of calories

You may not know it, but skipping rope is one of the best physical activities to lose weight. Indeed, Keto Buzz an hour of moderate practice of skipping rope can burn on average 715 kcal for an individual of 80 kilos.

It’s about twice as much as a jogging session . In intensive practice, the caloric expenditure can exceed 950 kcal for a person of the same weight.

The exercises to do

To lose weight by skipping rope , you can follow a small program consisting of 15-minute sessions to be performed 3 times a week including 4 main types of exercises:

– No relaxation: If you are a beginner, this is the best way to get on your feet. It is a question here of making a first jump of the rope with a rebound on the left foot followed by a jump with rebound on the right foot.- The full Twister: It is a question here of making jumps of rope with feet joints by alternately rotating your pelvis to the right then to the left, without the rest of your body moving. The reception must be done on tiptoe, with a slight flexion of the knees.- The step of the race: Here, you must mount the knee of each of your legs to the waist at the time of each jump. You can adjust the pace of jumps to your stamina.- The jogging step: In this exercise, you must be able to tap the heel or toe of the leg in front of you by alternately placing the tip of one foot behind the heel of the other. This creates a kind of scissors.

How much practice time does it take for each exercise? Alternate sequences of 30 seconds of hopping and 30 seconds of recovery.

Effects on the whole body

A regular practice of the skipping rope not only allows you to lose weight quickly, but also to work effectively several muscles of the body. It is for this reason that it is adopted by sports practitioners in weight categories such as judo or boxing.

It allows them to lose fat and quickly find their competition category while gaining muscle. Concretely, it allows to refine thighs and buttocks without stiffening them. It also works the muscles of the legs, calves, arms and abs. It is therefore the ideal exercise to eliminate cellulite and have a firmer silhouette.

As you can see, skipping rope is  not an exercise only for women. It can also help men lose weight . Keto Buzz REVIEWS For more efficiency schedule your sessions in the morning, fasting before or after a few minutes of running to force the body to draw on its reserves.

What drink during and after the sport when you want to lose weight?

You know, it is essential to play sports if you want to lose weight. These physical activities must always be accompanied by good hydration to compensate for water losses. But beware, not all drinks are suitable for athletes. Discover the options to privilege.

What to drink before an effort and during the sport

An isotonic drink is recommended as it contains carbohydrates and mineral salts . These are essential components to avoid fatigue strokes. A mineral water to which a little baking soda is added is also effective . You can also turn to an energy drink to optimize your performance. Be careful with the composition because not all products are rich in nutrients.

The ideal is to prepare a homemade vitamin drink . You are sure to hydrate yourself healthily, without unnecessary additions of chemical ingredients and without excess of sugars.

Prepare a bottle of mineral or filtered water and add a lemon honey mixture to delicately perfume. In addition, they are foods known for their detox effect and burn fat. If you are one of the athletes who exercise in the morning on an empty stomach , your drink should be highly nutritious. Prepare a vitamin-rich infusion of rooibos and peach or a smoothie made of banana, berries and milk. Drink 250 ml of the preparation a few minutes to 1 hour before exercise. During the sport, take small sips every 10 to 15 minutes.

Drinks for recovery after exercise

A milky drink, just after the sport, helps fight muscle aches and muscle fatigue. Homemade fruit juices are also preferred . The juice of grapes, mango, watermelon or citrus is excellent. What you need is an antioxidant drink to help the body eliminate the waste produced by the effort.

The athlete’s drink is ideally protein-free, with no added sugar and no gaseous. We prefer a cold organic drink (neither hot nor ice) to promote the draining action without creating heat shock. It is obviously necessary that this hydration is accompanied by an adapted diet because a good nutrition is the key of the loss of weight.

Understand the importance of hydration

Sport causes perspiration and if you do not drink properly, you risk dehydration. In addition, the effort causes an increase in body temperature. The water will therefore play a role of “cooler”.

It is advisable to hydrate during and after the physical activity but also before an effort. This helps you avoid cramps while promoting optimal caloric expenditure. In other words, hydration is excellent for the health and for the line when one plays sports.

The Magic Pill on Netflix

The Magic Pill is a 2017 documentary and can be seen on Netflix, which promotes the ketogenic diet, a diet that contains very little carbohydrate but is high in fat and protein.

The ketogenic diet has gained popularity, so it is not surprising that a new documentary on the subject has appeared on Netflix.

The documentary follows the lives of an Australian indigenous tribe, families of children with autism and people with health problems. Everyone learns to make radical changes in their life following the ketone diet.

The documentary is recorded in Australia and the United States and follows five people struggling for their health. During the documentary, they change their old eating habits to adopt the ketonic diet.

For example, there is a young autistic who sees a considerable improvement in communication and concentration after switching to the ketone diet.

Personal stories are meant to make it clear that low fat foods are not good for your health.

In the film, several medical experts, chefs and farmers have the opportunity to share their vision. As a spectator, we can also see the influence of the food industry on what we eat.

The documentary immediately raises an interesting question. Animals keep their weight under control automatically. The only exception is the man!

Why do people need will power when it seems obvious in animals? Apparently, we eat food to get fat.

Who are the criminals according to the documentary? Refined sugars and processed carbohydrates!

Exercises to lose weight calves

You can not get into the latest pair of fashionable boots that you eye in the window? Do not panic ! There are several ways to refine your calves quickly .

However, do not hope to make them perfect in just one week , it will require determination and rigor.

3 exercises to refine his legs
Stretch the calf to refine it
To slim down your legs and refine them, no secret, you have to stretch the muscles. The stretch will make slimquick keto the twins smaller and longer.

Standing facing a wall and resting with your hands on it, take off the heels of the floor and stay a little on tiptoe. Repeat the exercise without putting the heels back on the ground. Realize this in 4 sets of 8 movements.

Plantar flexions
The plantar flexions will refine your calf by lengthening the muscles without making them gain volume.

Stand up, take off the heels and stay on tiptoe for two seconds before resting your heels. Perform this movement in 4 sets of 10 movements.

Up and down stairs will strengthen the upper part of your calf and help you have firm and curved muscles.

Go up and down with a vigorous march twelve times in succession, alternating with each climb a foot. Repeat this exercise in 5 sets of 12 moves.

Activities to focus on and avoid to lose calves
The best activities
We prefer water sports such as swimming, water aerobics, aquabike or aqua stretching. Why ? Because the repeated rubbing of the water against the skin will help to shave the legs and fight against cellulite .

You can also practice walking and jogging at moderate intensity. Head to low-impact sports such as pilates , yoga or the elliptical trainer.

Sports to avoid
We avoid impact sports like tennis, basketball , karate, football or gymnastics. The muscular development of the calf is fast. Skipping rope , HIIT workouts and step are also avoided .

Reasons to have big calves
Composed of three muscles, the calf is constituted among other twins. They are the ones who cause an unsightly volume. What are the reasons to see his calf too big?

Obviously, overweight and obesity. The fat tends to settle on these muscles. Water retention can also be incriminated and therefore the blood circulation bad . The causes: sitting too long, too salty food or heat.

Finally, some sports said to impact are responsible for the swelling of the calf such as tennis, combat sports or sprinting. Venous insufficiency can also amplify the volume of the leg.

Thanks to some new sports habits, this pair of boots will soon be yours.

Refine your legs with a few slimquick keto simple movements that are easy to do everyday. And do not hesitate to do more physical activity if you also want to lose thighs and belly .

Lose thighs with asparagus?

Yes it’s possible ! Asparagus can help us to sublimate our legs and drain our cellulite . Find out why, and follow our recipe idea to enjoy all its benefits!

How do asparagus help to lose weight ?
White, green or violet, asparagus has an unusual diuretic power . Full of water and fiber, low in sodium keto drox and rich in potassium, they prevent salt from storing in the body and reduce the famous (and annoying) water retention, responsible for the formation of cellulite.

It also contains inulin, another enemy of cellulite that acts as a fat burner, and asparagine, an amino acid that breaks down oxalic acid, an acid that acts as a fat-fixing agent on our cells.

Asparagus is also rich in potassium , a mineral essential to our muscles. It helps them to be firmer and more tonics!

Finally it is finally a vegetable low in calories (about 25 calories per 100 grams) and therefore, a good ally of weight loss .

Consume asparagus to refine your thighs
To enjoy all the benefits of asparagus, avoid so much greasy seasoning for dipping, mayonnaise type or other gourmet vinaigrettes. A light yoghurt sauce or a light recipe like this slimming salad with quinoa, a gluten-free food rich in protein and fiber, is preferred .

Slimming salad with quinoa and asparagus

Ingredients for 2 people:
– 1 glass of quinoa

– 1 bunch of green asparagus

– 1 lemon

– 100 grams of sheep’s feta cheese

– 1 bunch of fresh mint and parsley

– 2 tablespoons olive oil

– a pinch of salt and black pepper

– Pour two glasses of water into a saucepan, bring to the boil and add the quinoa

– Turn down the heat and mix regularly for 10 minutes

– Remove the hard skin from the asparagus

– Cut them into cubes and immerse them in cold water for a few minutes

– Cook them for 5 minutes in boiling water with a pinch of salt

– Cut the desired amount of mint and parsley with scissors

– Squeeze the lemon juice

– Mix in a salad bowl all the ingredients with the quinoa

– Add olive oil, pepper and feta: it’s ready!

Other virtues of asparagus on our body
Packed with antioxidants, it neutralizes the free radicals responsible for cellular aging and its regular consumption would help prevent certain cancers.

Rich in fiber , it promotes a smooth transit even for lazy intestines, thus making friends with flat stomachs.

For heavy-leg sensations and general circulation problems, asparagus is also a good student. It contains flavonoids that fluidify the blood and strengthen the vessels.

A little history of asparagus
Originally from the Mediterranean basin, this pretty vegetable plant has been consumed for more than 2000 years. It particularly interested the Greeks for its pharmacological keto drox properties. From the sixteenth century, it is found in the royal courts of Europe, then it is cultivated in France in the seventeenth for the Sun King who, it seems, particularly fond of them.

Are asparagus the queens of vegetables? In any case, do not deprive yourself especially…

Porn and divorce: the aggravating factor

According to a new study, young and happy couples would be more likely to get divorced if one of the partners starts to look at pornography.

Watching a porn with your wife can greatly excite you and keep the flame burning in your relationship. What if you watch a porn solo? According to a study conducted by the American Sociology Association, this could be disastrous for your relationship.

In this study titled “Does porn separate us? Longitudinal Effects of Pornography on Divorce “, researchers collected data by surveying thousands of American adults. Men and women were interviewed three times every two years from 2006 to 2010, from 2008 to 2012, and from 2010 to 2014 on their use of pornographic content and their marital status.

The researchers observed these changes in waves, resetting, between each survey, changes in the consumption of pornographic content by married individuals and in their marital status.

Respondents who, during the first wave, reported not having watched porn the previous year, but who, in the second wave, confessed to having watched, were characterized as tarvos testo having started to consume pornographic content. The researchers were also able to exclude all other possible variables and look at how a change in the consumption of pornographic content could influence the likelihood of divorce by the next wave of survey, compared to the likelihood of divorce among those who had never watched porn.

” Starting to watch porn videos between polls almost doubled an individual’s chances of divorce by the next survey period , from 6 percent to 11 percent, and almost tripled that risk for women , from 6 to 11 percent. percent to 16 percent, said Samuel Perry in a press release. Our results show that the consumption of pornographic content would have negative effects on marital stability “.

The researchers also studied how age, religiosity and happiness in the couple influenced the link between pornographic habits and marital stability.

Greater consumption of pornographic content and less marital stability is more common among young adults.

The younger you are when you or your wife start watching porn, the more likely you are to divorce in the years to come.

The reason: “Young people tend to watch porn more often than older people, and these older people tend to have more stable marriages since they tend to be more mature, have a financial situation and are more likely that their relationship has more years of seniority, says Perry. So we thought it was perfectly logical that the effects of the consumption of pornographic content on divorce would be less important with age.

Greater consumption of pornographic content and less marital stability is more likely if you are less religious.

For men and women who did not attend religious services every week or more, starting to consume pornographic content increased their risk of divorce by the next survey by 6 to 12 percent. Men and women who attended religious services at least once a week saw no increase in their risk of divorce due to the beginning of their use of pornographic content.

The reason: “Our results show that religion has a protective effect on marriage, even when it comes to the consumption of pornographic content,” says Perry. Since religious groups stigmatize divorce and prioritize marital stability, it is likely that married individuals who are more believers will face more pressure from their community and moral pressure to not divorce them. , despite the effects of pornography on the quality of their marriage.

Greater consumption of pornographic content and less marital stability is more likely if you are already happy as a couple.

Strangely, individuals who were “very happy” in marriage in the first survey but who started to watch porn before the next increased their probability of divorce by this next poll by 3 to 12 percent.

The reason: “We have concluded that the consumption of pornographic content, if discovered by one of the spouses unexpectedly, could ruin a happy marriage and cause a divorce. However, this does not seem to make a marriage worse, in which the husbands do not feel happy, “says Perry.

Less consumption of pornographic content can reduce the risk of divorce for women .

Women who reported having watched porn in the first and second surveys were 18 per cent likely to divorce by the third survey. However, women who stopped watching porn had only a 6 percent chance of getting divorced.

The reason: unfortunately, for men, stopping to consume pornographic content did not have the same effect. Researchers believe that men tend to be more consistent in their frequency of use of pornographic content, leaving a smaller sample to observe a possible connection.

The final word: “We have no desire to promote a program to ban pornography on the basis that porn could cause divorces,” says Perry. We believe that the information revealed by this study is useful and that people should be aware of the consequences that pornography may have in certain circumstances. “

Calorie negative type menu

Have you ever heard of negative calorie foods? Yet they are valuable allies in your goal of weight loss , provided they are used wisely.

A menu idea
Breakfast : Start the day with a tea or coffee without sugar, two slices of wholemeal bread and an orange-pineapple smoothie.

Lunch : As an appetizer, prepare a small salad of diced watermelon and feta, seasoned with mint leaves and a drizzle of olive oil. As a main course, you’ll love lemon chicken slimquick keto in foil. And for dessert, a fruit of course ! Choose the one you prefer, but make sure it’s in season, to get the most out of its vitamins.

Dinner : prepare as a starter a beetroot hummus with caraway . In the main course you will taste a papillote spinach, and for dessert, you can try the mango trifle.

What is a negative calorie food?
The principle is dreaming. A negative calorie food contains very few calories. However, just eating and digesting solicits your metabolism and burns calories. Not a lot, of course, but a bit all the same. A negative calorie food is a food that provides fewer calories than it needs to burn to digest.

What are the negative calorie foods?
These are exclusively fruits and vegetables, of course, and some of them are already known as the basis of dieting. Among the vegetables, salad, celery branch , endives, cabbages such as cauliflower, Kale cabbage, broccoli or Brussels sprouts , or cucumber, but also turnip, asparagus, onion and the beetroot.

Despite the sugar, several fruits are also negative calories , such as pineapple, apricot, cherries or grapes, but also watermelon and especially the apple.

How to use them to lose weight?
If you think it’s very simple and you just need to eat these fruits and vegetables to lose weight, you have everything wrong. The principles of nutrition are unfortunately a little more complicated than that, and the diet based on cucumber or soup “fat-burning” cabbage and onion have proven their ineffectiveness.

The lost weight is resumed as soon as the diet stops. It is best to use them in recipes, drinks, as part of a balanced diet, ideally associated with protein, such as eggs, lean meat, fish or dairy products, in short, simple and satisfying ingredients.