Calorie negative type menu

Have you ever heard of negative calorie foods? Yet they are valuable allies in your goal of weight loss , provided they are used wisely.

A menu idea
Breakfast : Start the day with a tea or coffee without sugar, two slices of wholemeal bread and an orange-pineapple smoothie.

Lunch : As an appetizer, prepare a small salad of diced watermelon and feta, seasoned with mint leaves and a drizzle of olive oil. As a main course, you’ll love lemon chickenĀ slimquick keto in foil. And for dessert, a fruit of course ! Choose the one you prefer, but make sure it’s in season, to get the most out of its vitamins.

Dinner : prepare as a starter a beetroot hummus with caraway . In the main course you will taste a papillote spinach, and for dessert, you can try the mango trifle.

What is a negative calorie food?
The principle is dreaming. A negative calorie food contains very few calories. However, just eating and digesting solicits your metabolism and burns calories. Not a lot, of course, but a bit all the same. A negative calorie food is a food that provides fewer calories than it needs to burn to digest.

What are the negative calorie foods?
These are exclusively fruits and vegetables, of course, and some of them are already known as the basis of dieting. Among the vegetables, salad, celery branch , endives, cabbages such as cauliflower, Kale cabbage, broccoli or Brussels sprouts , or cucumber, but also turnip, asparagus, onion and the beetroot.

Despite the sugar, several fruits are also negative calories , such as pineapple, apricot, cherries or grapes, but also watermelon and especially the apple.

How to use them to lose weight?
If you think it’s very simple and you just need to eat these fruits and vegetables to lose weight, you have everything wrong. The principles of nutrition are unfortunately a little more complicated than that, and the diet based on cucumber or soup “fat-burning” cabbage and onion have proven their ineffectiveness.

The lost weight is resumed as soon as the diet stops. It is best to use them in recipes, drinks, as part of a balanced diet, ideally associated with protein, such as eggs, lean meat, fish or dairy products, in short, simple and satisfying ingredients.

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