The Magic Pill on Netflix

The Magic Pill is a 2017 documentary and can be seen on Netflix, which promotes the ketogenic diet, a diet that contains very little carbohydrate but is high in fat and protein.

The ketogenic diet has gained popularity, so it is not surprising that a new documentary on the subject has appeared on Netflix.

The documentary follows the lives of an Australian indigenous tribe, families of children with autism and people with health problems. Everyone learns to make radical changes in their life following the ketone diet.

The documentary is recorded in Australia and the United States and follows five people struggling for their health. During the documentary, they change their old eating habits to adopt the ketonic diet.

For example, there is a young autistic who sees a considerable improvement in communication and concentration after switching to the ketone diet.

Personal stories are meant to make it clear that low fat foods are not good for your health.

In the film, several medical experts, chefs and farmers have the opportunity to share their vision. As a spectator, we can also see the influence of the food industry on what we eat.

The documentary immediately raises an interesting question. Animals keep their weight under control automatically. The only exception is the man!

Why do people need will power when it seems obvious in animals? Apparently, we eat food to get fat.

Who are the criminals according to the documentary? Refined sugars and processed carbohydrates!