Is a drainer effective against cellulite?

As soon as summer begins to point the tip of his nose, we can see on the shelves of pharmacies all kinds of draining dietary supplements. Why ? Because these organic herbal products are one of the best solutions to get rid of cellulite. Thus, more complex to put on a swimsuit or a nice summer outfit. It is also possible to prepare your own homemade natural drainer.

Get rid of cellulite with a drainer
Do you dream of having a beautiful smooth skin? It is imperative to get rid of cellulite that gives it an unsightly appearance. To achieve this goal, the use of a drainer is a very interesting niwali keto option. This type of product is effective against orange peel skin and water retention thanks to its diuretic properties.

It fluidifies the oxygenation to facilitate the elimination of the water which engages in the tissues to make them flaccid and bulkier. Then, the drainer improves digestion to quickly evacuate waste. In addition, it eliminates toxins for a detoxified and clean organism.

What are the best natural drainers?
Buying an organic draining food supplement based on artichoke or other plants to dilute in water is an option. But brewing your anticellulite drink yourself is even better. If lemon is known to all to be effective as a detoxifier, there are other herbs that can be used to have the same effect.

Very rich in potassium, the dandelion flower is a powerful diuretic, able to detoxify the body. Plus, it also stabilizes blood glucose and cholesterol levels to aid fat removal if you’re on a diet.

Birch bark
Birch bark is known for its effectiveness in draining. It also helps to treat skin problems. To overcome water retention, this is a solution not to be excluded.

Green tea
Green tea has not finished revealing its virtues beauty and thinness. It is a natural drainer with burn-fat properties, diuretic and appetite regulator.

Tips and precautions for using a drainer
Natural drainers can be prepared as an infusion to drink all day. However, it should be noted that in addition to removing toxins, they also eliminate the trace elements essential for the proper functioning of the body. So, do not abuse these products. A cure of 2 weeks every 3 or 4 months is sufficient. But there is another solution that you can adopt every day: the sport.

It is also a very powerful drainer that will allow you, at the same time, to stay healthy and keep the line. The more intense the effort, the more you sweat by eliminating waste.

What is a drainer?
To understand the effectiveness of a drainer, it is important to know its essence first. The word draining simply means removing excess fluid from the body. To do this, it acts on the 5 emunctories which are the organs whose role is to purify the body. The drainer therefore stimulates the kidneys, the liver, the gallbladder, the digestive tract and the lungs.

A drainer is not supposed to remove the fat mass but it effectively fights against the retention of water, responsible for the appearance of orange peel on certain areas such as legs, thighs and buttocks.

How many calories in pavesini cookies?

Pavesini are small sweet biscuits originating from Italy. Their particular texture quickly conquered the addicts of sweet snacks, because they are crisp at first and become melting once in the mouth. It is easy to eat a whole package without even noticing. So, should we deprive ourselves or limit our consumption if we want to keep our line?

Combien de calories dans les biscuits pavesini ?

In other words, how many calories are there in the pavesini? Without further ado, let’s bring the answers to this topic.

A light Italian biscuit
As an integral part of the life of Italians for more than 60 years, pavesini are small sweet biscuits that usually accompany the tiramisu recipe or a good slice of Nutella. They are also very popular for coffee breaks and snacks.

Indeed, beyond the fact that they are irresistible, pavesini are low in fat and contain very few calories. A packet of these biscuits equals 90 kcal and contains only 1 gram of fat. Looking at these numbers, eating pavesini between meals could not affect our weight unless we overdo it. To prevent risks, we will therefore offer you a light recipe of pavesini. The goal is to preserve the taste but by making a homemade version, “light” and organic.

Homemade pavesini
Being industrial products, it is not very healthy to eat pavesini marketed in supermarkets. Today, you will discover how easy it is to prepare these biscuits yourself for half the calories. Bringing both well-being while respecting your line, our recipe can be taken again as part of a Weight Watchers program or a vegan diet. You’ll need :

150 g flour
30 g cornflour
130 g of sugar
3 eggs
20 g caster sugar
Beat the eggs with the sugar until you have a good foamy mixture;
Sift together the flour, cornflour and vanilla sugar before incorporating the prepared egg mixture;
Put the resulting dough in a piping bag;
On a baking sheet covered with baking paper, form small elongated biscuits;
Put the plate in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. In the meantime, preheat your oven to 180 °;
Take out your cookies from the refrigerator, and sprinkle them with crystal sugar;
Bake for 5 minutes at 180 °, then lower to 160 ° for 5 minutes of cooking more;
Take out your cookies and let them cool on a rack.
Our tips for keeping the line with the pavesini
The pavesini themselves do not make you fat, but rather their accompaniment. So, instead of eating pavesini with Nutella for example, consider pairing them with light desserts, such as a fruit salad or a smoothie. In addition, playing sports from time to time will only be beneficial.

The pavesini are, basic, low in calories. But to make sure you’re not going to gain weight, consider making a homemade light version.

Also pay attention to your accompaniments.

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Natto: benefits and calories

Natto: benefits and calories

Natto is a Japanese lacto-fermented soy bean that has been consumed regularly in this Asian country for about 1,000 years.

This 100% natural product contains an exceptional nutrient: vitamin K2 , also present in eggs, butter or raw dairy products.
But what are the multiple benefits of natto and how many calories does it represent? We tell you everything.

What is natto? How many calories does it contain?
Soybeans are made from lacto fermented soybeans and are relatively low calorie : 212 calories per 100 g.
Lacto-fermentation is a preservation technique that relies on the presence of bacteria to facilitate the digestion of food .

Thus, lacto-fermented products promote intestinal transit (such as sauerkraut, for example). But that’s not all…

The benefits of natto on the body
Organic natto is good for your health . Indeed, it acts not only on the heart but also on the bones, brain functions and digestion.

As for the heart, lecithin and the fatty acids contained in the natto take care of the walls of the arteries and veins, also avoiding the formation of clots.
As for the digestion , rich in fibers , the natto favors the work of the intestinal transit.

The bones are solidified thanks to the vitamins contained in the natto . In addition, vitamin K2 effectively fights osteoporosis and vascular calcification.
In addition, the pyrazine present in this Japanese food is useful for fighting against Alzheimer’s disease for example and protects brain faculties against aging.

Finally, in general, the nutrients of natto help strengthen the immune system and prevent the first effects of age with the work of strengthening the cells.

How to prepare the recipe for natto?
Take the natto out of the fridge before whipping (with chopsticks, preferably, to respect tradition). You then get some kind of foam. Mix this mixture with soy sauce and mustard . Prepare a bowl of rice and enjoy your Japanese dish without delay! What to fill up with energy, vitamins and fibers .

Tasting and incorporating ingredients from other cultures into your diet helps you take care of your health while enjoying new flavors. This type of diet is also compatible with a vegan diet.

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How many calories are there in Guémené’s andouille?

The andouille Guémené brings about 250 calories per 100 g of product. This Breton specialty whose manufacture is still crafted seduces gourmands and gourmets.

The ingredients that make up its composition and its nutritional value make it nevertheless a food to avoid when following a diet slimming.

The nutritional value of the Andouille de Guémené
One hundred grams of Andouille de Guémené bring us about 250 calories. By comparison, the same amount of white ham contains only 120 kcal. This value varies greatly depending on the method of manufacture that the charcuterie who produces it applies.

Guémené andouille is rich in protein (18 g) and lipids (19 g) and contains little carbohydrate (1 g). Although the Guémené andouille is very caloric, it does not present a great danger for dieting.

The Guémené andouille and your weight loss program
“Will the consumption of Guémené’s andouille make me fat? This is one of the questions we ask ourselves when we want to lose weight and that it is difficult to do without some charcuteries. The answer is quite simple: if you follow a high protein diet, then you can enjoy this product regularly, but with moderation. On the other hand, if you adopt a low-calorie diet, you must ban it from your plate.

How to consume the andouille Guémené?
The andouille Guémené is a Breton specialty. She is from the village of Guémené-sur-Scorff, in Morbihan. Several recipes make it possible to highlight its tasty taste. It can be consumed hot or raw. Andouille also tolerates different cooking methods: you can fry, grill, steam or steam.

Baked with apples, served with a mustard sauce or home-made mashed potatoes, it is the main course of a delicious meal. Cut in thin slice and served raw, it unleashes languages ​​during a relaxed aperitif with friends.

Andouille de Guémené and Andouille de Vire
In the stalls of charcuteries, the andouille Guémené is often presented next to the andouille Vire. It is true that they use the same ingredients (intestines and stomach pork), they follow the same manufacturing processes (shaping, smoking and cooking) and that they are very similar (size, color, size).

They nevertheless have several differences. First, their origin: the first comes from the Brittany region while the second comes from Normandy. The assembly is also different, the andouille de Vire adopts the method of embossing while the andouille Guémené proceeds by threading the pieces of the intestine.

The consumption of Guémené andouille is not recommended during the pregnancy and prohibited when it is served raw. Note that for several years, it is possible to find organic andouille.

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The salt-free diet: the authorized foods!

Sodium is a nutrient contained in salt, essential to our body. It balances fluids in the body and helps keep muscles and nerves at maximum capacity. However, it should be noted that only 200 to 300 mg of sodium are needed per day and an excess of salt can lead to several complications.

A salt-free diet goes beyond not adding salt to your dishes, you have to know how to change your eating habits and be more vigilant about the products you eat, to minimize salt intake.

The benefits of this scheme are numerous; It helps to eliminate the risk of fluid retention, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, edema or kidney failure, especially when taking corticosteroids.

Because of the omnipresence of salt as a food additive, we forget that 80% of the salt consumed is hidden in daily foods, so it can be difficult to follow a diet without salt. However, it is still possible to compensate for the lack of salt by potassium while keeping a balanced diet.

Foods allowed in a diet without salt
The following suggestions can help you minimize sodium in your diet:

• Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: Fresh fruits and vegetables do not contain added salt and are therefore perfect if you are on a salt-free diet; Apples, avocados, oranges, peaches, bananas, strawberries, asparagus, eggplant, potatoes … Avoid preferably canned fruits and vegetables.

• Low sodium dairy products containing 140 mg or less per 100g serving: Milk (50mg), 20% cream cheese (33mg), yoghurt (61mg) …

• Fish, meat and poultry are allowed except when they are industrialized, they may in this case contain added salt as a preservative, especially shrimp that is already quite high in sodium even in its natural state.

• Grains: Most grains in their whole state such as brown rice, white rice, quinoa, bulgur and oatmeal contain almost no salt.

• Focus on egg yolk (50 mg) with egg white (160 mg).

• All herbs, spices and condiments: The most recommended are onion powder, black pepper, garlic, cumin, oregano, anise …

Other authorized foods
• Tap water or mineral water low in salt, sparkling water should be avoided • Acid-flavored and sugar-free vinegars, • Sweet products except in case of diabetes or sugar-free diet • Bread or crackers without salt • Beverages: tea, herbal tea, tea and coffee. alcohol consumption is also permitted but with moderation because of its consequences on blood pressure.

Removing salt from your diet not only helps you maintain your health, but the benefits of a salt-free diet will also help you lose extra weight and eliminate fat from your body.

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How many calories in the oreo?

How many calories in the oreo?

Oreo are white or brownie cookie cookies that are particularly well-known and appreciated by the foodie community . To soak in milk or to eat alone, the oreo have a particularly pronounced taste and also very sweet.

This type of cake is also particularly caloric. Indeed, a single 11 g biscuit equals 53 kcal, including 2.3 g of fat, 7 grams of carbohydrate and 0.6 g of protein .

Consume several oreo in a row is therefore harmful for both your line but also for your health. In terms of nutritional value, what predominates is primarily fat and carbohydrates.

Oreo are harmful to your line
Eating oreo is not recommended, especially if you are on a diet or have diabetes . The composition of the oreo is made of 40% saturated fat and 55% carbohydrate.

Only 5% is devoted to protein, which is really not much. However, it is quite possible to lighten the scales by making them at home. Indeed, home-made, the oreo is less caloric since the fats are less present. It will be better to consume it in this way, without abusing it in any case.

Homemade oreo recipe idea
Ingredients for the oreo biscuit:
160 grams of flour
85 grams of cocoa powder, preferably organic. Do not choose nutella, otherwise the number of calories will skyrocket
2 teaspoons of baking powder
2 small pinches of salt
300 grams of brown sugar (to be replaced by stevia or sweetener if you are on a diet)
150 g butter or margarine softened (you can also opt for peanut butter)
1 egg
1 tbsp. vanilla extract or raspberry
Ingredients for dessert cream inside the oreo
125 g icing sugar
30 g of sweet butter
30 g of coconut oil
Quick and easy preparation:
In a large bowl, mix the cocoa, flour, yeast and salt
In another bowl, break the egg and mix it with vanilla or raspberry
In your thermomix, beat the butter and brown sugar until you get a creamy consistency
Add the first mixture then form small balls of dough that you will put in food films and reserve in the fridge for 1 hour
Then spread the dough on parchment paper and cut the dough with a cookie cutter
Bake for about 15 minutes, often watching the state of the cooking
To prepare the dessert cream in the oreo , simply mix the specified ingredients and spread the cream in the center of half of the biscuits as for a tiramisu.


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Calories and benefits of deer meat

Calories and benefits of deer meat

Deer meat is a red meat like no other , it is leaner and healthier.

This is mainly due to the fact that game is herbivorous and its meat contains very little fat. Once reserved exclusively for hunters, deer meat is today the menu of most prestigious restaurants. It is considered as refined and luxurious ingredient and for good reason! But everyone can also get it in supermarkets to make homemade preparations.

How many calories in deer meat?
If you are on a diet, it would surely interest you to know that deer or deer meat (its female) is even less caloric than skinless chicken breast , popular with slimming programs. 100 grams of the product contain only 116 calories against 121 kcal for the chicken .

This herbivore animal is part of the deer and it usually lives in forests. He stands out with his woods on his head. Highly appreciated by hunters, the deer species was close to extinction at one time , but a reintroduction plan was put in place to prevent the extinction. It’s not a problem anymore. Is the meat tender? Yes, very tender, and delicious.

The benefits of deer meat
You now know that this red meat is good for the line because of its low calorie intake. But it also has valuable health benefits. Very low in saturated fatty acids , unlike other red meats, it does not affect the increase in cholesterol levels in the body.

In addition, deer meat is rich in good iron very easy to assimilate by the body and has , therefore, toning and slimming properties. And the most interesting is that it has the power to strengthen the immune system and contributes to intellectual vitality.

Deer meat also has a high protein and vitamin content that, in addition to regulating cholesterol, beautifies skin and hair, detoxifies the body and improves the nervous system.

Slimming recipe of deer meat?
Low in calories and high protein, meat can be eaten as part of a diet. But to avoid adding calories to the dish, simply cook it in the oven with a little seasoning . To make it even softer, add a little bit of olive oil. Barbecue cooking is also a good option.

Fatty sauces are to be avoided . It is better to accompany it with vegetables or raw vegetables. In any case, the deer meat is already very tasty even without artifice.

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Vollkornbrot and diet, a good duo?

Vollkornbrot and diet, a good duo

When looking to lose weight, better not to abuse the wand, rightly accused of promoting weight gain . But what to replace your morning bread? Coming from Germany, the Volkornbrot, this very dark rye bread, often sold under vacuum, has rather good press. But is it suitable for dieting? Yes quite.

The slimming shop
Zoom on this bread both consistent and light …

The Volkornbrot, nourishing and slimming
With about 250 kcal per 100 grams, the Volkornbrot is not much less rich in calories than the baguette . Yet he is a true ally of the line.

Why ? Because unlike baguette, bread or crackers , Volkornbrot has a low glycemic index. A real asset, since this bread does not increase the blood glucose level …

Your blood sugar remains stable, you not only do not store more pounds than you need, but you have more cravings a few hours after breakfast!

Another advantage of Volkornbrot slimming: its full grain makes it very satiating, and allows you to eat less without having to frustrate. So for really light mornings, adopt this German bread without hesitation!

The healthy virtues of Volkornbrot
Generally made from rye flour , the Volkornbrot allows you to vary your grain intake. Thanks to him, you benefit from a good source of manganese and selenium, especially since his grain is whole.

Rich in soluble fiber, the Volkornbrot also promotes transit and intestinal health . Finally, it would reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, because of the antioxidants and particular phytoestrogens (lignans and iso flavonoids) it contains.

The main disadvantage of the Volkornbrot lies in its pronounced taste, which may put off uninitiated taste buds. In addition, this bread will not be suitable for gluten intolerant people, although it is more digestible than wheat.

How to consume the Volkornbrot to lose weight faster?
To optimize your slimming breakfast with Volkornbrot , follow our dietary advice:

– Do not buy any Volkornbrot: beware of industrial versions that contain added sugar. And prefer organic bread (the whole grain often retains pesticides).

– “And what do I put on my Volkornbrot? ” Good question ! Do not spread anything on your black bread : no question of giving in to the mermaids of jam, alternating rather puree of hazelnut, compote without sugar, guacamole …

– Finally, grill your black bread: it will become pleasantly crisp, and its glycemic index will be even lower!

Excellent bread to lose weight faster , the Volkornbrot also facilitates the transit. Indulge !

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Excess fat under the armpits: how to eliminate it?

But with a diet and some exercises adapted, it is possible to reduce it. Very common problem in women, here are 3 tips that can help you improve and even eliminate your excess fat under the armpits …

Change your diet
To avoid any accumulation of fat, it is necessary to start by consuming products that do not manufacture it. Here is a list of non-fat and unsweetened foods to add without hesitation to your diet:

– bananas – citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit, mandarin) – red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, currants) – avocados – olive oil (for cooking) – chia seeds eggs- complete carbohydrates (rye bread, oats, pasta and whole rice) – dried grains (lentils, kidney beans …) – vegetables (Brussels sprouts, spinach, carrots, celery, cucumbers, artichokes, brèdes, beans) – white and lean meats (chicken, turkey, rabbit).

Drink fat-burning drinks
This kind of drink is great for removing excess fat under the arms. By burning fat, it undeniably improves health and quality of life.

The following recipe is particularly effective.

You need :

– 2 artichokes – 1 lemon juice – 3 slices of pineapple – 1 liter of water – 5 mixed almonds.


– Boil the artichokes in the water. – Mix the pineapple with the almonds and the lemon juice. – Then add the cooking water of the artichokes to this mixture. – Consume the drink 2 times a week, 1 hour before meals.It is also possible to consume fat-burning foods, such as fruits (apple, pineapple, kiwi) or vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, brèdes).

Exercise to strengthen and tone your arms
Every day, reserve 30 minutes to do some exercises to strengthen your arms. Take dumbbells (or weights) and wear sportswear.

Here is an exercise to do absolutely:

– extend your face to the ground and raise your upper body with your arms.- Repeat the movement 20 times.- Then put on your back and lift the dumbbells 20 times.- Repeat both exercises so that the whole lasts 30 min.You can also do the cladding or the board 15 minutes a day and every day.For that, lie on the belly and raise your body with the help of a single arm in putting you on tiptoe. Keep the position for at least 1 minute, then repeat with the other arm.

And to conclude, along with these 3 tips to eliminate excess fat under your armpits, be sure to wear a good bra! If you wear shells too small, unsightly folds will necessarily come out.

The best is to wear a bra with straps and wider hulls, to better maintain the chest and avoid seeing the bulges in the back.

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How to count calories burned in 1 day?

To lose weight, you have to spend more calories than you consume. To count the calories burned in 1 day, we must look at the physical expenses, but also what our body consumes when it does nothing (basic metabolism).

The slimming shop
Know what you spend with physical activity
To count the calories spent in 1 day, it is interesting to look at what we do as physical activity. It goes from walking in the neighborhood to cycling to work and possible sports sessions.

Each sport has an average hourly caloric expenditure. It depends of course on the intensity of the effort provided, but this figure is already a good indicator of calories consumed.

Then add up these efforts to get an overview of daily physical expenses!

Calculate TMR and LB
Metabolic Rest Rate is what our body naturally burns per day to stay alive. It depends on gender, age, size, genetics, etc.

To obtain this figure, one of the following formulas can be applied:

Women: (9.56 x weight in kilos) + (1.85 x height) – (4.68 x age) + 655
Men: (13.75 × weight in kilos) + (5 × height) – (6.76 × age) + 66
Then, we must take into account the basic metabolism to know the calories burned by the body in an incompressible way. Formulas exist, like those of Black & al, but it is much easier to use an online calculator.

The basic metabolism can be increased with sport, especially bodybuilding: muscles burn a lot of calories, even when they are at rest!

Calculate your caloric deficit with diet
Counting calories helps to ensure that you spend more than you consume. But to achieve this, we must focus on calories in the diet.

If initially counting the calories of your dishes and drinks may seem difficult, it is a reflex that we generally adopt easily, especially as a maximum of information is available on product labels, online, in the cookbooks …

In the end, it will be enough to subtract the calories expended by the activity and those of the basal metabolism to the number of calories of the meals: this will give a more precise vision of the progress of the diet.

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