Homemade sports supplements: Oats

Today we are going to talk about one of the most homemade sports “supplements”, and of those that can give us the best results, it is oats . Surely all of you have seen it present in some diet , shake or sports supplements of which we love fitness. And that is the oatmeal.

And is that oats are one of the richest cereals in many components, such as proteins, fats, vitamins (mainly B1), and many more. The proteins provided by oats , in combination with the proteins provided by milk (semi-skimmed), can result in a protein as complete as that found in meat or fish that we all know for this type of diet ( chicken, veal, white fish …).

Feeding to Progress with Weights

Do not worry about its also high fat content (much higher than wheat), because in a very large percentage they are unsaturated. All this together with many other properties, make oats an essential food to increase muscle mass .

Once we have talked about all the benefits of oats, we also have to focus on the negative point of it (you know, like everything in life, has its negative point). In this case, it should be noted that it is a food that many people tell them to eat in a “simple” way, testex 100 that is, mixed with milk, because it takes on a somewhat “pasty” shape and makes it difficult to eat it . Therefore we are going to give you some recommendations so that you consume the oats so that it becomes more “easy” to digest it and it does not turn into a nightmare every time you go to consume it.

Light tortillas and oats.

My first recommendation, which will also be ideal sports supplements, is to cook oatmeal and light tortillas. The egg whites can be obtained both from the egg, separating them. I recommend you give some use to the yolks of the eggs that we use, so as not to waste food. Another option is to buy the whites in a supermarket, which they sell in separate boats, and thus avoid having to waste food. We use 4 or 5 egg whites, I recommend adding a yolk to gain flavor, and pour them over a bowl where we mix them with oats (a good amount, go up until you reach your “maximum” assimilated), and a pinch of salt . The next step is to cook our omelette in a pan, and we will have our oatmeal in a way that is easier for everyone to eat.

The process is similar to the previous one, we beat an entire egg (the yolk will give it more flavor), some egg whites, oats and a pinch of salt, and we make an omelette again. Then we roll it and for the filling of the same we will use vegetables (lettuce, tomato …), and some type of meat (turkey, chicken …), and we will have a delicious meal, based on our beloved oats.

But hey, if you are a bit lazy, and you do not like cooking very much there are always other ways to take oatmeal and that is not a tedious task.

Mixing it with yogurt instead of milk can be a great idea, because it becomes a more uniform dough, and oatmeal is not so noticeable.

We can also resort to prepared foods, which can be found in supermarkets, such as oatmeal buns, oatmeal bars or oatmeal flakes (which have a more uniform appearance, and give more feeling mixed with milk, of eating cereals )

Needless to say, taking oatmeal will have results like all sports supplements, as long as it is part of a balanced diet and combined with the performance of physical exercise . And you? How do you eat oats? What is your personal trick to make it easier to digest?

10 fundamental rules to gain muscle mass

Gaining muscle mass is something that every bodybuilder seeks: reaching it is not so simple and direct. Unless you use steroids (and also get all the side effects that come with their use), you must have discipline and devotion to muscle building work. You will have to bust your bowels and spend a few hours of hard work in the gym if you really want to gain muscle mass .

Follow these 10 basic tips that Chris Cormier gives you, which are known as the rules of building muscle mass and training to gain real muscle mass. Below I list and explain the ten basic rules or principles of Cormier.

Next 10 rules of Chris Cornier to gain muscle mass
1) Use free weights and mainly use weights : You can feel your pectorals pumping when you use Smith’s machine, but when you want to gain real muscle mass, instead I recommend using the weights, they are what will make your muscles auxiliaries also work and be able to gain compound muscle mass in this way. With the weights the amplitude of movements is greater, thus increasing the number of muscles and muscle fiber, in this sense the results are better.

gain muscle mass

2) Perform compound movements : Remember that what you want is to increase the size of all the fibers of the muscles in your body, so that the total of your body mass increases. Most coaches believe that the only way to achieve muscle growth is through separate work or muscle isolation. However, I recommend you follow the advice of Chris Cormier and allow your muscles to grow as they should.

3) Find and discover the areas that you should improve : You should always evaluate your physique to determine which muscle groups should be educated to get good size, and then go to the gym with that in mind, concentrating first on the areas that need work . People always have “better” parts of the body, so they should concentrate mainly on less developed muscles.

4) Experiment to find the best exercises : With the acquisition of experience, you will learn to find exercises that work best for your muscles. Therefore, if you want to gain muscle mass try different exercises and see which ones to give life to and improve them. Once again you should emphasize the exercises with free weights, since they are the best for building muscle mass.

5) Avoid injuries : The combination of intense training and heavy weight increases the risk of injury. Many bodybuilding careers are over because of torn pectorals, herniated discs or tense muscles. Just be careful and be sure of what you are going to do, never forget the warm-up, gradually increasing the maximum load weight.

The series and repetitions for muscle mass gain
6) Use Optimization as a whole : Cormier suggests the use of a range of 16 to 20 series for each part of proflex muscle the body. I suggest that if you are not a bodybuilder who competes regularly, use a range of 12 to 16 sets per muscle group. Each series must be completed until exhaustion, which will maximize the benefits of your training. Try not to train more than 2 parts of your body in a single day or more, this leads to overtraining, and rather you will get your muscles to stop growing.

7) Do not cut the series of exercises : there is an optimal number of exercises. Most bodybuilders recommend four sets of four or five different exercises for each part of the body. As mentioned above, this depends on how advanced you are in building muscle mass in your body. Professional bodybuilders often use supplements, which gives them greater strength and strength for muscle growth.

8) Perform optimal repetitions : Chris Cormier likes to train heavy and performs many repetitions. He can charge 45 pounds ten times, and considers it medium and light. The point here is that he always pumps the muscles until he can not move another millimeter anymore.

9) Train to the maximum : Always monitor your strength levels, ask for the help of one or two companions. Remember that every time your muscles are required with the maximum weight, the danger of over-training and the increase of injuries is always latent, therefore, gradually increase the weight until you can perform a single repetition. For example, when it comes to a maximum bench press weight, start with a realistic weight and gradually increase until you can no longer add more weight.

10) Eat meat : You need protein so that your muscles can grow, the more is better. Include lean red meats in your daily diet, as these contain the right nutrients to make the muscles grow. Actually, it’s quite simple: the combination of a high protein diet and the right kind of training will make you gain muscle mass to a point you never thought possible.

Top 3 of the most attractive fitness girls in the network

In the world of fitness there are many fantastic things, many of them teach us a lot of things, but if there is something very nice to learn is how the fitness girls like the ones that we will present to you next have a perfect body. Many responses and criticisms come to mind from men and women when they see such beautiful bodies. The truth is that each of them has worked hard to get the figure we see in the images, his body is more than worked and is the result of perseverance and perseverance. In LocuraFitness we have developed a top of these attractive girls:

Top 3: Jen Selter

She is also known as Miss Squats , oh no, wait, I named that nickname myself. The woman is one of the fitness girls who has become famous for her videos on Youtube and photos she rides through various social networks, she has a tail that many women would like and through all her means show the exercises with which she can get herself a butt like hers.

The truth is that the genetics of the girl is favorable, her defined body is completely natural, or so it snap hero testo appears. Surely with good routines of squats and diets that you can find on our page you can get a body like this Goddess, worthy of being mentioned on our site carrying the number 3.

Top 2: Amanda Lee

A model recognized by few in social networks , but its beauty is admired even by any stranger, his body is totally desirable, although it is true that he has had to go through the operating room several times to get it. Even so the girl looks dedicated and has obtained considerable muscle mass What do you think of you?

Top 3: The Desirable of all Fitness Girls

You could not miss the legendary Michelle Lewin, the 30-year -old Venezuelan woman has become popular for her muscularity, has participated in bodybuilding competitions and is loved by many men, although also admired by women. For anyone is a secret that has also had to go through the operating room or to get their breast implants, but come, that being the most attractive fitness are his legs and has a totally perfect pair.

Michelle Lewin is a Fitness girl who surely has had to resort to steroids, but nobody takes away her great genetics and the hard work she has had to do to get the body that she keeps right now. And what do you think of this mini top? Would you like a second part with more girls?

How to lift your buttocks without going to the gym in 4 simple steps

If a woman wants to look beautiful, that clothes fit well, that looks follow her, or better, that she feels good about herself, she has to put herself in good physical shape. Well, that’s when life makes sense, and when that makes a woman, her curves begin to stand out, all her feminine spirit begins to dominate.

And as part of those results, your legs, your buttocks, your waist, your whole size begins to improve. As you can see in these images. And you do not need to go to the GYM, so today at Locura Fitness we will talk about how to lift your buttocks without going to the gym.

How to lift your buttocks without going to the gym
3 How to lift

A woman can not always go to the gym, and if you can, congratulations, these messages can also serve you if you want to show a more feminine and healthy image.

If you’re wondering how to have more curves? or how to look like a perfect woman’s body; you can, and without having to go to the gym, you can do exercises at home and show off a beautiful leg and butt by just following the steps below.

1.- The thrusts increase the buttocks
Working one leg at a time, z vital male enhancement lunges are effective exercises to develop legs and lift the buttocks without going to the gym. Start stop, with your feet slightly separated, then …

Take a step forward (if you want to hold a weight in each hand) by tilting the legs, and leaving the thigh of the leg thrown forward parallel to the ground but not allowing the other knee to touch the ground. Press with the leg forward. Do the same with the other leg, perform series of 8 to 12 repetitions per leg.

2.- The squats are used to increase the buttocks
Squats are the strength exercises par excellence that can be done without going to the gym. Strengthens and develops the muscles of the lower body, so you can tone your legs, reduce the waist and even increase buttocks.

Squats stimulate all the deep and stabilizing muscles of the trunk and pelvis, so you can not only increase buttocks naturally, but also define them because you work the hamstring muscles (back of the thighs) and quadriceps (anterior).

You can do squat with jump, with weights, in machine, with ball, etc. In the following video you have several types of squats that help the buttocks grow and have other functions.

3.- The hip extension for buttocks
In English it is called Butt Blaster.

This exercise tones the hamstrings, glutes and lower back muscles. You start with your hands and knees on the ground. The hands should be directly below the shoulders and the thighs should be at right angles to the torso. Next, separate one knee from the floor and extend up as high as you can, squeezing the buttocks throughout the movement. Return to the starting position and do the same with the other leg.

In the following video you have a tutorial on how hip extensions are made. This exercise can be done in several ways: with the knees bent, with weights, resting the knee on a bench, with resistance tube, etc.

4.- Lateral leg lifts for buttocks
This exercise makes the muscles on the outside of the hips work, strengthen and tone. Lie on your side on the floor, you can have your legs stretched or picked up, lift your upper leg up in the air until you feel a pressure on the outside of your hip. Return, keeping the leg in the air and repeat.

In the following video you have a tutorial on how to do side elevations of legs for buttocks. To increase the difficulty and improve performance you can use dumbbell, elastic bands, etc.

Batman training: develop your body from body weight

Most people will read Batman and remember those action movies, which entertained you for a while with emotion and a touch of suspense; but at this moment we will not talk about the movies; but of a Batman training ; which can easily be done at home , where the main objective, unlike other workouts, is not to carry out surveys with a large amount of weight; but it does not mean that it is less intense or simple.

With the Batman training ; You can achieve tone your body, lose weight and acquire some extra strength; but as it is a less strong and intense training to practice; You will achieve all this in a slightly slower way, but you will achieve it without complications.

How to perform Batman training

Do some squats, to tone your legs and buttocks, if you like you can accompany them with some dumbbells or weights.
Work with bars, some weight does not hurt, it was said that you do not work so hard, but no, it was not used, you will place them behind your head on your shoulders.
The push-ups of bars should not be forgotten in a Batman workout , the hands should be placed at the appropriate height, preferably the shoulders, and then you raise your body as far as you can, and then you will return to the starting position.
You can perform the stride with jump, where you bend the knees, placing the right forward and the left backwards, when making the bending perform a small jump, you can do it with some dumbbell or weights in each hand, this will help you to acquire sizevital male enhancement a Little strength in your legs.
The abdominals of bicycle, are very few made, you must lie on the floor, stretching the legs and your hands will position them next to your head, bend the left knee, bending the upper right part of your body to try to touch the elbow with the knee, will repeat the same procedure with the other leg.
Batman training is similar to any gym workout; or in the comfort of your home; with the difference that it does not require great intensity or strength, you can practice it in a more tranquil way; but with the same motivation as any other training.

Characteristics of Batman training

It lasts approximately one month.
You must perform the Batman training every three days a week, with a day of rest in between, for your body to rest and then have no injuries or muscle aches
When executing the series for each exercise, you must rest at least 2 or 3 minutes between each series performed.
The support material that you will use will be the one that you feel is convenient.
Batman training , most of all, is practiced from the comfort of your home or from a public place; either a plaza or park; But this does not mean that it is a training with less capacity to tone your body; But if it is a training where you will see the results a little slower. If you want the results to begin to see in a faster way; You can rest less time between the breaks of each series made.

How to build your abdominal strap?

You want to get rid of your little round belly and find the line quickly? You do not really know how to do it. Yet nothing is easier! In addition to food, there’s nothing like getting back to sports . Regular physical activity is essential if you want to get a flat stomach.

With targeted exercises, you will be able to strengthen your lap belt after a few weeks of training. So, with which exercises achieve your goal? How often do they perform? We tell you everything.

The board: to cover the whole body
The board makes it possible to tone the whole of the muscles of the body and in particular those of the abdominal belt. To do this well, stand on your hands and your toes, as if you were going to make pumps. The head, shoulders, buttocks and feet should be aligned.

Hold this position by contracting the glutes and abs for 30 to 60 seconds . Take a break of 30 seconds and repeat the exercise twice.

Bicycles on the ground: for concrete abs
Stand on your back, on the floor, and bend your legs at the hips. Bring your left leg back to the right dx lean diet forskolin elbow while stretching your right leg to the floor, without putting it down. Then proceed in the same way with the opposite leg. You solicit your abs. Perform 2 to 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

The boat: deepen your abdominal belt
To realize the position of the boat, stand on your back. Raise your legs, bend to the ground and your torso at the same time. Catch the back of your knees and hold the balance for at least 30 seconds. Release and resume 2 times this cladding movement .

Leg lifting on the floor: simple but effective
Lie on your back, on the floor, and put your hands under your buttocks. Reassemble your legs, so that they are perpendicular to the ground. Then lift the pelvis slightly while contracting the abs. Perform 2 to 3 sets of 20 repetitions .

Front slits: for abs and glutes
Stand upright, feet apart from hip width. Take a step forward and bend the knee while contracting the belly and buttocks. Reassemble and resume the exercise with the opposite leg. Perform 3 sets of 20 moves .

To be effective, this weight training program must be done at least every other day. The effects will be visible in just a few weeks. The important thing is to keep the motivation in order to tap into the fats and slim down the belly .

The ideal fasting bike to lose weight?

Even if the sport remains the solution par excellence to lose weight , some are ready to push their limits to lose even more pounds than expected. That is possible.

It’s not necessarily about following a strict diet . It is enough to not eat, to be fasting, before the practice of a sport. How is this done for the bike?

Calories burned with the bike on an empty stomach
Whether it is an indoor Overnight Lean Keto or outdoor bike , 1 hour of practice allows you to lose about 410 kcal with a moderate speed, 620 kcal for a normal pace and 740 kcal with great intensity.

By cycling on an empty stomach , you can increase the number of calories lost up to 20% , which is important. But beware ! There are some risks to note.

The feeding program to avoid any danger
Although you want to lose weight, it is not safe to eat anything for too long. The maximum: do not eat 6 hours before the physical activity in question. But if it is early in the morning, dinner will be enough because your body will be at rest during the night.

As for meals, choose slow sugars found in rice, pasta, cereals, potatoes or legumes. Their advantage is to keep the sugars for several hours , which is a reserve of energy during physical exertion.

Always be sure to drink water , or unsweetened fruit juice. Same when the efforts are completed. You will still need to rehydrate and eat fruits, such as banana, to suppress the feeling of immediate hunger . You can resume a normal diet at the scheduled times (morning, noon and evening).

The slimming process
In addition to weight loss, the low amount of calories in your body during the sport eliminate your toxins . The real challenge is to hold on during the first week.

But as a result of regular exercise, you will hardly feel hungry. And do not lose your motivation, do your activity with other people or attend weekly support meetings!

In any case, when you reach your goal, resume your basic diet (no fasting). Of course, no fat not to suffer the yoyo effect .

Even if fasting allows you to lose Overnight Lean Keto REVIEWS weight faster, be sure to eat some sugars a few hours before the effort . This will allow you to “survive” without too much trouble cycling. But above all, do not continue this program once you have lost enough pounds!

Chicken breast and whole rice: the ideal combo for strengthening muscle mass?

Since you practice bodybuilding, you fall under the good advice on nutrition and think have retained the essential . Starting with this explosive couple that we always recommend: the whole rice and the chicken breast.

This is indeed a good base for your diet but do you know why? And above all, know how to consume all this?

Why eat this duo for a good muscle building?
First of all, it is obvious that your diet significantly influences your sports performance . But why do your muscles need these two specific foods? Chicken breast has several great assets: its low caloric content and its high protein content.

At first, the white meat allows overnight lean keto you to head headlong into a dry program and in parallel , the protein intake literally boosts your muscles that will then develop.

It’s very fast, even for a beginner. The whole rice, meanwhile, is the star of cereal products for fans of muscu . In terms of calories, it is also very well noted and therefore fits naturally in your diet special mass.

No fat, but a perfect glycemic index for your goals.

Can not I just just count the kcal of my food?
It must be done, but when we start a sustained and regular sports program, whatever its duration, we need to go beyond and learn a little more about the basics of nutrition to ensure adequate intake of protein , carbohydrate (moderately obviously), lipid (good fats), vitamins, etc … Associated with a plate of vegetables, rice and chicken are the perfect combination to consume at lunch preferably, not the evening.

A simple recipe
Here is a variation of the Cantonese rice revisited to optimize your bodybuilding results in a natural and simple way.

120 grams of chicken breast
150 grams of whole rice
1 big egg
40 grams of pre-shelled shrimp
20 grams of peas
Salt and herbs of Provence
Start by cooking the riceWhile this time, slice your chicken and shrimp. Also prepare a micro-omelette and cut it into small cubes. Pass your rice before frying it in a frying pan with a minimum of fat.After two minutes, add chicken, shrimps and peasEven two minutes of cooking and add the dice of omeletteSale lightly, add the herbs of Provence and serve

On the one hand, a very low glycemic index, on the other, full of protein for a minimum of calories … This culinary duo definitely stays strong in muscu!

Squats. The most comprehensive guide

Squats. What, why and why?
To begin with, I would like to say that an article on squats was already published on the project, and it was called [ How to squat? ]. It addressed the general issues of squat without going  into details, of which there are a great many. We also did not touch on various technical details and scientific calculations. Therefore, it was decided to write the most complete version in respect of squats with a barbell. What came out of it, let’s see.


For a better understanding of the material, all further narrative will be divided into sub-chapters.

Barbell Squat: Muscles at Work

Exercise refers to basic-polyarticular, i.e. Several muscle groups take part in the work. The target load (in the classic version of the squat) falls on the quadriceps muscle, quadriceps. In the role of synergists are the gluteus, adductor and soleus muscles. In the role of dynamic stabilizers – the muscles of the back of the thigh and calf; stabilizers – spinal extensors; stabilizer antagonists – straight / oblique abdominal muscles .

In a visual form the muscular atlas of squats with a bar looks like this.

Squats with barbell, muscle work
By performing just one movement, you are working on such a large number of muscle groups. And the more muscle mass is in work, the more stress the body experiences, and the better you will grow.

Go ahead and now consider.

7 myths about squats

For all the time of its existence, RDX Surge the exercise of squatting with a bar has “overgrown” with various speculation and myths. In particular, such.

№1. Squats increase the waist and can ruin the physique.

A very common opinion, especially in the female environment, because of which many young ladies are afraid to squat. In fact, the squat does not increase and “does not distribute” the waist. Exercise only strengthens and tightens the abdominal region of the abdominal muscles, without increasing the size of the middle part of the press.

№2. You can not build strong and massive legs without squats.

In fact, it is not. In practice, there are many cases where the athlete could not (for one reason or another) perform classical squats, but still managed to pump up impressive legs. There are enough exercises for legs: these are front squats with weights, pistol, deadlift-sumo , leg presses , etc.

Number 3. Squats cause the body to produce an unreal amount of testosterone.

Testosterone is the male glucocorticoid sex hormone, which is responsible for the anabolic functions of the body. Yes, its allocated amount when squatting is more than when working with insulating exercises, however, in comparison with other basic exercises (deadlift, bench press), the level of testosterone is about the same order. Therefore, to say that squats with a barbell cause an unreal surge of testosterone in the body is not correct.

№4. To build huge legs, you need to perform squats with a lot of weight.

Not necessarily. Try to do 20 squats with a weight of 100 kg in 3 approaches, and the growth of the legs will not take long. Exercise training plays a more significant role in the development of the legs than power squats 6-8 times with large weights. Highly repetitive training is the key to hypertrophy of the leg muscles.

№5. Everyone should perform squats.

No, it is not, the biomechanics of many people do not allow you to perform the exercises safely. Each person is individual and has a different structure (arms / legs levers) of the bone apparatus, has different mobility of joints, and so on. Therefore, it is not a fact that it will suit you and it is advisable to carry it out in your particular case.

№6. You must squat until you lose your pulse (until you are sick) to get a result.

This is not a requirement for leg development. It is much more important to train hard, but with the mind, than hard, but stupid. There is no need to blindly follow what they say, you need to look for your own, which will work specifically for you. It is possible that when training the legs, you can do without nausea.

№7. Squatting with the belayer is safe.

Nothing like this. To protect yourself from injury, you need at least two experienced people who know what they are doing. Unfortunately, units can afford such a company. If you are a newcomer and “just as experienced as your friend,” stands behind the safety net, then get hurt – a couple of trivia. The safest option is to squat in the power frame with special pins ready to catch the weight in case of unforeseen situations during the repetition.

Next in line …

The benefits of squatting

The next time you think about whether or not to do squats, think about the following benefits:

№1. Help build muscle mass everywhere.

Squatting is considered a comprehensive exercise that creates the perfect anabolic environment for muscle development throughout the body. Natural release of testosterone and growth hormone creates conditions for a complex increase in muscle mass and strength of an athlete.

№2. Burn more fat.

The more muscle a person has, the more he burns subcutaneous fat in the process of training and rest. Therefore, if you want to lose weight quickly, stick to multi-joint exercises.

Number 3. Productivity increase.

In addition to increasing the size and strength of the legs, squats also improve the performance of the lower body, allowing you to run faster and jump higher.

№4. Excellent injury prevention.

When performing squats, a large number of auxiliary muscles of the lower body, as well as the lower back, are strengthened. These small muscles cannot be “hooked” with insulation and exercise equipment. Such a strengthening of weak points minimizes thunder with injury.

№5. Strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Squats effectively strengthen the abs and create a tight corset of the bark muscles.

№6. “Cheap but not angry”.

They can be performed almost anywhere: at home with a mop and buckets, in a hall with pancake and so on. No special equipment and simulators are needed. Racks with a neck often free in the hall, and therefore do not need to wait for anyone and adjust to anyone.

№7. Excellent “pop-forming” exercise.

The round fifth point with expressive volumes and halving like a peach is a deadly weapon in the hands of any woman. Even approaching such forms will cause competitors to bite their elbows, and men to stand still with a sagged jaw :). Squatting with a barbell, and especially with different staging of legs in the Smith simulator , will make it possible to achieve a berry butt. This means that the potential second half simply will not end up.

№8. Power increase.

Squats – weight press from the floor, his push. When you are at the lowest point, the body needs to create a powerful force to push the barbell up. It collectively strains all muscles and generates the necessary jogging power. Thus, the athlete develops an important parameter – explosive power.

№9. Increased flexibility.

Many come to the hall as nesmazanye carts lumberjacks, they do not bend anything, flexibility is very weak. Performing various types of squats over time allows you to become more flexible and mobile in the joints.

№10. Improving cardiovascular activity.

Performing squats with a barbell allows blood to push more actively along the bloodstream. When squatting increases internal pressure and cardiovascular activity should occur at elevated speeds. Therefore, squat helps to improve the work of the heart and the entire circulatory system.

With the benefits figured out, now go to …

Barbell squats: performance technique

From the first day of the visit to the gym, it is necessary to set the goal of setting the technique in all exercises. Strain the trainer at any convenient opportunity so that he shows the movements and controls their performance from the side. It is better to spend time at the beginning and memorize everything as it should and should, than to retrain.


The world record in squats belongs to the American Ray Williams. He put it in June 2014 , when he crouched with a barbell weighing 412.5 kg ( 909 lb) .

Therefore, we thoroughly disassemble …

All fine tuning when doing squats

So let’s start with:

№1. Installation of the neck and the location of the hands.

Squats can be performed by removing the barbell from the racks or in the power frame with adjustable steps. Let us analyze the second option. Before you put the bar on the steps, you need to adjust the height of their installation. The latter should be such that you do not have to reach for the neck and stand on your toes. Place the steps a little lower than the shoulders (so that you can crawl under the neck, 1 ) and secure with valves. After installing the neck, determine the position of the hands – their width of the grip ( 2 ) . If you have short levers (limbs of arms / legs), use the grip slightly narrower than the width of the shoulders, otherwise grasp wider.

Barbell squats, technique, 1
In order not to experience discomfort from the “crush” of the rod on the neck, wrap the neck with a towel.

№2. The location of the neck.

The neck of the rod can be positioned high – just below the neck or low – on the bottom of the trapezoid.

Barbell Squats 2
There is no universal rule here, and everyone picks up something of their own, usually this is the golden mean – on the shoulders. In order for the neck to rest comfortably on its back, you must first create a special retention cushion by compressing the shoulder blades together.

Number 3. The position of the feet.

The position of the legs is key, as this will give you a stable push base (fulcrum) and proper projectile movement in accordance with the correct mechanics. The position of the legs is also individual and can vary from person to person. In general terms, the basic tenets are as follows: the heel should be under the shoulders, the feet slightly apart. You must find a foot position in which no blockage occurs, and you can sit comfortably / deep enough.

Barbell Squats, 3
№4. The position of the neck and eyes.

These two elements follow each other. As soon as you lower your eyes down, the neck will go after her. Therefore, the view must be directed to one point on the horizon. Many coaches say that you need to look up, but this situation adversely affects the cervical spine.

Barbell Squats, 4
These were the so-called “preparatory work”. In general, the complete final sequence of actions consists of the following steps.

Barbell squats, sequence of actions
Well, now that you’ve gotten ready and completed all the previous steps, it’s time to sit down with the weight. To do this, follow the step by step instructions.

Step number 1.

Keep your back straight and, slowly ( while inhaling) bending your knees and hips, begin to squat as if you are sitting on an invisible chair. Keep going down until the angle between the upper part of the leg and the calves is slightly less than 90 degrees.

Step number 2.

Begin to rise as you exhale, pushing your heels off the floor. Straighten your legs, return to the starting position. Repeat the specified number of repetitions .

Bench press lying. Inside view

It is you? And this is us, hello! With this note we are opening a new cycle of articles (yes, how much is possible :)) under the auspices of the “Vector of Strength” heading. Within its framework, we will approach the exercises from the vectorial force, i.e. decompose the movements into components in order to better understand their geometry. And the first in line exercise bench press lying.

Bench press lying force logo
So, take your seats in the auditorium, we begin.

Bench press lying: vectors, forces, moments
The most technically challenging exercises in power sports were and will always remain squats , deadlifts and bench press. Usually familiarity with them begins with the study of the technique of the exercise, i.e. a person finds information in the network, for example, an article, studies it, forms the idea of ​​what and how, then the video reinforces the whole thing and goes to the hall to run around the theory in practice. What do you say I’m right? So, this is not good or bad, this is the fastest version of “immersion in the subject”, which is the place to be.

The goal of our new cycle “Force Vector” is a slightly different task – the consideration of the geometric and power anatomy of the exercise, and not a detailed description of the magnum pump xr technique of all 3 movements. This is a more advanced level of work with exercises and understanding the essence of the processes. I am sure that the audience of the Alphabet Bodybuilding has already grown to this level, and she / you will like the following information. Well, hereinafter this will find out.

For a better understanding of the material, all further narrative will be divided into sub-chapters.

Bench press lying: force
From the school course in physics we all know (and who forgot, I will remind you) that force is the product of mass and acceleration (F = [m] x [a]) , usually calculated in Newtons. 1 Newton is the force required to accelerate 1 kg of mass at a speed of 1 m / s2. Force has such a characteristic as linearity – it describes things that stretch or push in a straight line.

bench press
Consider an example. You have decided to shake a barbell weighing 100 kg – this is a mass component of the force. If you do not hold the neck with your hands, it will accelerate downwards at a speed of 9.8 m / s2 (due to gravity) , so the neck has 100 kg x 9.8 m / s2 = 980 N of force on the hands. The direction of gravity is down.

In the same way, when our muscles contract, they exert a force that pulls one end of the muscle straight to the other end.

Bench press lying: moments
The moment is the force applied around the axis, usually calculated in H * meter. The force of the application, multiplied by the distance from the axis perpendicular to the direction in which the force is applied. As long as the force is linear, the torque rotates (torque) .

Consider an example. You decided to lift 20 kg dumbbell for biceps. The upper part of the arm is perpendicular to the floor, and the forearm ( 30 cm long , conditionally) parallel to it. The force exerted by the projectile will be: 20 kg x 9.8 m / s2 = 196 N, directed downwards.

To calculate the torque, the force is multiplied by the distance m / s from the dumbbell and elbow (lever) in meters: 196 H x 0.30 m = 58.8 Nm. Since this moment is applied downward, it is called an extensor / extension moment. If you want to continue to lift the projectile up, you will need to create (at the expense of the biceps and brachialis) a flexor / bending moment of more than 58.8 Nm.

external moment, an example of lifting dumbbells for biceps
The moments imposed by the load on the musculoskeletal system are called external moments (external) , and moments produced by muscles pulling against the bones – internal moments (internal) .

Internal moments are calculated in the same way as external ones. The force component is the contractile force of the muscle, and the moment of the arm is the distance of attachment of the muscle from the center (axis of rotation) of the joint that it displaces.

internal moment, example lifting dumbbells for biceps
To effect movement, the muscles contract. By doing so, they produce a linear force by pulling the bones, which act as levers, producing flexural / extension moments in the joints that they cross, with joints acting as axes of rotation.

In the case of a bench press, you first of all try to create a moment of extension in the elbow (straightening the arm) and flexion, as well as a horizontal moment of flexion in the shoulder, which are superior to the opposing forces acting on the neck. If you can do it, that is, exert force on the neck that exceeds the force of the neck on your body, you perform a successful bench press.

Summarizing all the above, we will derive several positions of force on the bench press:

the neck creates a downward force that exerts an external bending moment on the elbows and an external extension and horizontal extension points on the shoulders;
The amount of external bending moment that you must overcome to lift the weight depends on two factors: the load itself and the length of the arm. Usually, people with short limbs are progressing (in weight) while lying on the bench faster than their long- limb counterparts;
there are only two factors that determine whether your muscles can create large enough internal moments of extension to lift the load – these are muscle attachment points and the force with which they can contract.
Attachment points play a very important role, because muscles usually attach fairly close to the joint that they move, so small variations can be crucial. A study published in the journal (Journal Biomech, USA 2004 ) showed that a person with a 6- centimeter internal arm moment produced 50% more joint moment than a man with a 4- centimetric arm moment, provided that their muscles contracted with the same amount strength

You cannot change the points of attachment of the muscles, so the only factor at your disposal is an increase in contractile force. Two ways to do this: 1) increase the skill in the bench press, so that the current muscle mass generates more strength during the execution of the movement, 2) an increase in the number of muscles ( hypertrophy + hyperplasia ).
Barbell bench press: bones, joints and muscles that play the most important role in squeezing weight
Further in the text we will examine some anatomical issues, namely, we will find out to which “elements” of the body the barbell press places high demands. And let’s start with …

Bones / Joints:
№1. shoulder blades

blades bench press function
These are triangular, relatively flat bones that are adjacent to the back of the chest. They provide attachment points for many of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, including: deltas, trapeziums, diamond-shaped, rotator cuff, front serrated, biceps and one of the triceps heads.

From the point of view of the bench press, the blades perform the function of points of support, creating a certain plane of stability when performing movement.

№2. Collarbone

clavicle bench press function
They extend from the sternum to the upper part of the shoulder, joining the acromion and the coracoid process through the ligaments. The most important aspect of the clavicles is that they provide an anchor point for some of the muscle fibers: the top of the chest – clavicular head.

Number 3. Shoulder, radius and ulna bones:

bones of the upper shoulder girdle, bench press lying
In different people, it (humerus) is of different lengths and this makes a relatively significant contribution to the weight pushing capacity when a person is in a horizontal position, i.e. for people with long humerus it will be much more difficult to progress in weight in bench exercises compared to those who are short.